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Great Compatibility with Wet and Corrosive Media

Surface-Mountable Pressure Sensor

Surface Mountable Pressure Sensor 1-15-100psi
Surface Mountable Pressure Sensor 1-15-100psi

Built-in ASIC

Built-in ASIC ensures ±1% or ±2.5%FS accuracy including error for hysteresis and linearity over the entire operating temperature range from -40°C to125°C.


J-head pins for easy installation


Ceramic button port

Surface-mountable pressure sensor with both Digital I2C and analog 0.5 V – 4.5V analog output options. Backside-pressure measurement provides great compatibility with wet, corrosive media. It is ideal for integration on a control board. Can be used in automotive, industrial and medical applications.

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Featured Products

ME501 ME505 Pressure Sensor
0.5-1-2-5-10-20-50-100-200-400-600-800 bar

Flush Diaphragm, Piezoresistive Ceramic Pressure Sensor

Thermally compensated; excellent resistance to corrosion; absolute, gauge. or sealed gauge measurement available.

Merit Sensor TR Series Pressure Sensor with Ferrule and Pins

Compensated, Amplified Output Pressure Sensor

Rugged, direct-media pressure sensor designed for today’s toughest pressure sensing environments. Both gage and absolute pressure reference designs up to 500 psi (35.5 bar) operating range are available.

me75x ceramic pressure sensor
1.6-2-4-5-6-10-16-20-25-40-50-100-200-250-400 Bar

Ceramic Pressure Sensor with Signal Conditioning Electronics

Thermally compensated; excellent resistance to corrosion; absolute, gauge. or sealed gauge measurement available.

LP Series

Absolute and Differential Surface Mountable Pressure Sensor

Ultra low pressure sensor with uncompensated mV, analog 0.5 to 4.5 V, or digital I²C ouput options