HVAC Pressure Sensor ManufacturersPressure sensors play an important role in today’s automated HVAC systems. Building automation integrates heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and refrigeration (HVACR) into a single system. As the population grows and necessitates increasingly larger buildings, it drives growth in the need for pressure sensors in the HVAC systems.

The pressure sensor market for HVAC is considered to be a part of the industrial pressure sensor market. This market is expected to have a CAGR of 9.2% through 2026. Another reason for this growth is increasing government regulations for cleaner air and better monitoring inside buildings.

The growth of the IoT and connected HVAC systems also continue to drive growth in this sector. An increase in the growth of smart thermostats is another reason for the promise of this market in the near future. These factors are expected to cause the HVAC sensors market to surpass $2,047.41 million by 2023. These trends reflect end users that include residential, commercial, and industrial HVAC applications.

Some of the major companies that make pressure sensors for the HVAC industry include Siemens, Schneider, Johnson Controls, Honeywell, and Sensata Technologies. These companies must maintain ISO 9001:2015 HVAC & Refrigeration accreditation and ISO 91.114.30 Ventilation and Air Conditioning accreditation. Companies that make products for cleanroom environments must meet US FED STD 209E or ISO 14644-1 standards. Designers and researchers in the HVAC industry might also maintain ASHRAE certification. Some applications require that individual products have an NIST Traceable Certificate of Calibration.

The most common technology used in this industry is piezoresistive sensors. However, there is also a need for capacitive pressure sensors. The average range needed for most commercial systems is between 100-5,000 psi. In some applications, they must be able to detect and respond to minute changes in the pressure of the system. 

Pressure sensors are used in boilers, heat recovery systems, coolers, burner control, and variable air volume systems. The pressure sensors used in HVAC systems must be rugged and able to withstand harsh environments yet still retain their reliability with little drift or variation in accuracy. They are exposed to high heat, cold, dust, and high-vibration conditions throughout their working life.

The industry requires both wired and wireless technologies. The most common type of pressure sensors in the HVAC industry is differential pressure sensors and gauge pressure sensors. Differential pressure sensors are used to control the ventilation dampers by monitoring the pressure in the ducts to adjust the fan power. This allows the room to have a steady flow of air. Differential pressure sensors will help maintain even pressure throughout the room.

Differential pressure sensors also monitor the drop in pressure when a filter needs to be changed. It will also provide information when a filter has become torn. These pressure sensors also help to monitor the environment and help to maintain negative pressure in a cleanroom. Together, these pressure sensors help maintain HVAC system efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

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metallux pressure sensor manufacturer

Metallux SA

Metallux SA, a part of ELTEK group, is one of the rapidly growing companies in the world of cost-efficient pressure sensors and high-quality electronic circuit designing. Since 1955, Metallux has been serving its clients with the best pressure sensors and hybrid circuit solutions for a wide variety of applications including automobile, medical, industrial, military, water management, HVAC, and instrumentation.
Metallux has its production facility residing in Switzerland which includes BTU ovens, laser trimming unit, clean rooms, SMD line and climatic chambers, to support accurate sensor calibration and allow our engineers to design pressure sensors (flush membrane, monolithic, amplified, MEMS, ceramic) with a range starting from 0.5 bar up to 1000 bar, and hybrid circuits (thick-film, SMT, chip-on-board, chip-on-flex, combined technologies) for our valuable clients.


Merit Sensor Systems, Inc.

Merit Sensor Systems designs, fabricates, assembles and packages reliable, cost-effective pressure sensing MEMS elements and piezoresistive pressure sensor solutions for automotive, medical, industrial, aviation, defense and consumer applications.

Merit Sensor offers full-service design capabilities, in-house wafer fabrication, flexible shipping, packaging and assembly, piezoresistive technology (PRT), expansive pressure ranges (0.15 psi to 15,000 psi), complete pressure measurement (absolute, gage, differential and vacuum) and unmatched operating temperature range (-40°C to 150°C) via our Sentium® process. Additionally, Merit Sensor is able to provide unparalleled flexibility to customize pressure sensing solutions to fit into our customers’ applications.

All Sensors

All Sensors Corporation

Located in the United States, Pacific Asia, Germany and China, Amphenol All Sensors is one of the leader companies in designing and manufacturing pressure sensors that are ideal for low and ultra-low applications. The pressure sensor products that are provided by Amphenol All Sensors have an expansive pressure range between 0.25 inH2O and 150 psi.

Analog Microelectronics

Analog Microelectronics GmbH

Based in Germany, Analog Microelectronics GmbH has been developing, producing and delivering piezoresistive pressure sensor and transmitter solutions for over 20 years.


Ashcroft Inc.

Ashcroft is a brand that is recognized all around the globe. They make a wide range of products that include pressure gauges, pressure switches, pressure transducers, pressure transmitters, and accessories. They make pressure sensors for process manufacturing, industrial, life, food, and medical science applications.


Building Automation Products, Inc.

BAPI Sensors are specialized in ASIC compensated pressure sensors that feature high accuracy, fast response, smooth output and designed for HVAC industry. If you need a pressure transmitter, pressure switch, or other specialty sensors for HVAC/R, they offer a wide selection. Their experience of over 25 years means that they know the industry and its needs well.


Dwyer Instruments, Inc.

Headquartered in Michigan City, Indiana, Dwyer is a world-class leader corporation for designing and manufacturing sensors and instrumentation. Dwyer Instruments Corporate is well-known for its reliability, preciseness and product quality. The wide range of products that this company provides includes, but is not limited to, gages, monitors, manometers, data loggers, controllers, switches and transmitters. Dwyer also offers its customers accessories in order to monitor, measure and control pressure, flow, duct and more.


European Sensor Systems SA

ES Systems is a developer and manufacturer of high-quality sensors based on micro-electronics technologies.

Flusso LTD Pressure Sensors

Flusso Ltd

Flusso’s flow sensing platform has been developed as a complete digital flow sensing solution. Flow sensing requires specialist engineering expertise and knowhow as there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

FSM AG Pressure Sensors


We develop and manufacture transmitters for building automation, as well as high-precision pressure controllers for calibrating and testing differential pressure transmitters.

Futek Pressure Sensors

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc.

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology is a US-based manufacturer of pressure sensors and pressure transducers for today’s latest tech innovation. They specialize in custom products for projects that include Mars exploration, deep-sea exploration, and a range of other specialty projects. Their staff is more than capable of helping you with your design project. The staff has speakers of 13 different languages in the office and completes approximately 2,000 custom designs per year.


Gems Sensors, Inc.

Founded in 1955, Gems Sensors & Control provides solutions to the most tricky obstacles in HVAC, hydraulics, pneumatics, and oil and gas. The company manufactures a broad array of industry-ready pressure switches, pressure transducers, and pressure transmitters.